The Good Friday Agreement could be destabilised and violence return to Northern Ireland:

“The backstop is intended to protect hard-won peace; no deal would jeopardise it” SOURCE: Recent no-deal threats show dangerous disregard for Northern Ireland and its fragile peace, Katy Hayward, Prospect Magazine, 10 August 2019 NOTE: more content to come

Northern Ireland Protocol

Chamber warns window to agree extension to transition period is rapidly closing

Paul Lynam, Director of Policy, British Irish Chamber of Commerce, said: “The new tariff regime unveiled by the UK Government today provides a stark reminder of the trade barriers potentially facing Irish and EU businesses from January 1st. Ireland’s agri-food sector is most at risk with new tariffs on products such as lamb, beef and poultry likely to undermine the viability of many food producers across the country. Combined with the existential threat posed by the COVID-19 crisis, businesses face a perfect storm. […]
“We would urge both UK and EU negotiators not to get side-tracked and to instead make every effort to agree a mutually beneficial extension of the transition period. Businesses in the agri-food sector and beyond want to see a strong EU-UK trade partnership put in place. If a comprehensive free trade
agreement cannot be negotiated, firms will need extended time to implement Brexit contingency plans and supports to avoid significant job losses on both Islands”

New UK Global Tariff provides stark reminder of future trade barriers facing Irish business, 20 May 2020

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