Bottlenecks at the ports! ‘If the recession is going to be shortened and lessened, supply chains will be crucial. If the link breaks because of coronavirus and Brexit, that’ll be a cocktail of disaster beyond belief,” Rod McKenzie, Road Haulage Association. 14 May 2020 Raise the alarm through your local paper and write to your MP.

“Our industry needs the support of government, not to be broken by it.”  Elizabeth de Jong, Policy Director, Freight Transport Association 25 March 2020 Logistics needs transition extension to counter COVID-19 challenge

A ‘no deal’ Brexit presents a serious risk to our food supply in multiple ways. Not only the spectre of empty shelves and higher prices, with queues of trucks at Dover and tariffs on EU imports, but also the prospect that food safety and animal welfare standards will be lowered.


  • The logistics industry predicts long delays for perishable goods due to the introduction of customs paperwork and tariffs.  The disruption at borders and the imposing of new forms of red tape that were removed by being in the Single Market is placing a barrier in the way of trade where currently there is none. SOURCE: Give hauliers clarity on new trade agreements RHA, 12 May 2020
  • Empty super market shelves last March shocked shoppers across the country into panic buying, exposing the reliance of a supply chain that depends on food delivered just in time, particularly from Europe. Stockpiles that had been built up to deal with a no deal Brexit in 2019, were diminished by the unexpected consumer panic. SOURCE:  Food security: are we cutting food too fine with our just in time supply chain? The Grocer, 14 May 2020
  • “There’s absolutely no bandwidth for anything other than Covid-19,” Pauline
    Bastidon, Head of European policy at the Freight Transport Association,
    who said her meetings to discuss issues including a shortage of customs agents
    were postponed. “There’s no time, energy, money or interest at the moment to
    focus on Brexit.” Where’s Brexit? Canceled Whitehall meetings say delay inevitable, Joe Mayes, Financial Post, 2 April 2020

See No-deal impact on Food and Farming

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