Keep up British standards! Powerful lobbying forces of the US meat industry will succeed in pressuring our government to agree to accepting US practices in the UK unless we resist and raise our voices.  “Revealed: US meat lobby working to ditch chlorinated chicken ban in UK trade talks”, Unearthed Greenpeace, 14 May 2020. znacie jakiś portal randkowy dla nastolatków Raise the alarm through your local paper and write to your MP.

Johnson’s next “oven-ready” deal will be another turkey

Animal welfare

  • Currently, we enjoy the world’s highest level of animal welfare, graded ‘A’  according to the Animal Protection Index. The US  standards for animal welfare are graded ‘D’.
  • US agricultural industries do not like EU standards which forbid such practices. If we lower our standards it’s not just chickens but pigs, cows and turkeys too. Less well known is how US farmers use chemicals to produce leaner meat. Specifically a chemical called Ractopamine banned in 160 countries including the EU.  Ractopamine causes health problems in the animals, and is used in the production of pork, beef and turkey meat.  SOURCE: Animal Welfare Grades going down from A to D, Pauline Allon, Yorkshire Byline, 18 April 2020
  • Zamboanga There is now a real risk from the powerful lobbying forces of the US meat industry pressuring our government to agree to the same practices in the UK. SOURCES: Revealed: US meat lobby working to ditch chlorinated chicken ban in UK trade talks, Lawrence Carter and Joe Sandler Clark, Unearthed Greenpeace 14 May 2020; UK plan to cut US farming tariffs sparks ministerial spat FT (£), 13 May 2020

Dairy Farms

Fresh food


Biscuits and confection

  • Biscuit manufacturers are concerned about the possibility of tariffs on cocoa between the UK and the EU, and the complexities entailed in ‘rules of origin’ which will lead to an increase in paperwork  and the possibility of new barriers being put in place by the UK government.  SOURCE: CAOBISCO Statement on EU-UK FTA Negotiations, 22 May 2020

Food standards

The high standards upheld by British farmers is under threat if the Agriculture Bill is not amended and the UK leaves the EU without a deal. The NFU mobilised a huge coalition of leading farming, environmental, animal welfare and public health organisations to write a letter to Boris Johnson on trade and standards, published on 27 January 2020 (Letter to Prime Minister: NFU leads charge on trade and standards asks ahead of Brexit).

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