Driving in Europe after Brexit

The Government has confirmed that if there is no deal with the EU then recognition of UK driving licences in the EU may end.

http://thehistoryhacker.com/author/ditliberry/page/3/ Answers to FAQs by the post office here.

British tourists and travellers currently enjoy unfettered access to the European Union and its 27 member states. But while driving to France and beyond will still be possible after the end of the ‘transition period’, Brexit brings with it new requirements that UK drivers must follow before embarking on a road trip in the EU.  There are three types of International Driving Permits, and not all are recognised by every country.  They each cost £5.50, some last three years, others one year. Pet owners are advised to plan trips four months in advance.

Read on…  Driving in Europe after Brexit: why it’s bad news for tourists – and even worse news for pets, Ed Wiseman and Alex Robbins, Daily Telegraph, 11 February 2020

Anicuns Q & A by Money Advice Service Driving in Europe after Brexit:

http://brightstartravel.com.au/europe-tour-packages/ More FAQs answered by Which? here

Responsibility rests with you…

There will be specific arrangements in place for each country.What happens after the implementation period will be determined by the future relationship the UK has with the EU. You need to  check what these are from the government website.

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