Even under better economic circumstances, crashing out of the European Union without a trade deal was always expected to have a negative impact.  Border delays will disrupt supply chains for food, medicines, our own exports, and much more. This section is not about project fear.  It is about understanding the reality that is likely to hit everyday lives and sectors across the UK in the short and medium term.

A selection of topic summaries listed opposite 

These summaries are designed to help with understanding impacts of no-deal (or a skinny deal, or an ‘Austalian Deal’). The list is not exhaustive but demonstrates the scope of risks, threats and impacts.

Please write to MPs, the local papers and your colleagues to alert the public about different aspects.

NOTE: These sections are regularly updated.

“If the recession is going to be shortened and lessened, supply chains will be crucial. If the link breaks because of coronavirus and Brexit, that’ll be cocktail of disaster beyond belief.” Rod McKenzie, Road Haulage Association
“There is no real sign that Britain is approaching trade talks with the European Union with a plan to succeed and it appears set to blame any post-Brexit fallout on the economic shock from COVID-19 … ” wrote Richard Corbett, While the country’s attention is elsewhere, Johnson tries to ditch his promises on Brexit, Yorkshire Byline, 18 May 2020

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