A regular bulletin of advocates for an extension to the Transition Period are listed in a bulletin published regularly with key quotes, of all significant English-language public statements available online containing evidence or arguments in favour of the extension of the Brexit Transition period. The latest bulletin references well over 100 public media sources.  This number is growing briskly day by day. Some have already been widely reported, others less so. The voices recorded here span cross party opinion, and broad spectrum of backgrounds in business, unions and civil society, both UK and international.

This compilation is intended for the use by campaigners, researchers, media, and all citizens and stakeholders with a potential interest in speaking out on the need to extend the Brexit transition period and avert the threatened disaster of a no-deal Brexit on top of the ongoing disaster of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Download: Voices for a Brexit Transition Extension- V.r24


  • The UK government says that the moment for deciding whether to extend the Transition has now passed and the final decision has been taken. However a week is sometimes a long  time in politics.
  • In this update we provide, along with links to new pieces by Lord Andrew Adonis and Prof. Juliet  Lodge,  additional sources (both early and recent) relating to Sir Keir Starmer’s and Labour’s position on the extension of the Brexit Transition period. Below is an index to all relevant listed pieces on this topic  in this collection.
  • For a persuasive critical discussion of Starmer’s position and its justifications, see in particular the blog  post by  Prof. Chris Grey (Johnson’s chance to lead).
  • Many contributions assembled here from a very wide range of perspectives and stakeholders excellently make the compelling case why, even at this  stage, sanity  could and should  prevail.
  • Among the best summary statements, we recommend the editorials in The Economist and Financial Times , Clare Foges (No time to be stubborn) and Rachel Sylvester  (Red wall Tories wont forgive a no-deal brexit, data from Best for Britain) in The Times.

The bulletin is compiled by Grassroots for Europe, Some emphases have been added to some quotes.

Grassroots for Europe would be particularly happy to receive and include statements from local and regional organizations, businesses and citizens. Email the compiler: colinngordon@aol.com.

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