Stop! Think! Pause transition!

One Crisis at a Time is a single issue campaign to persuade as many politicians, civil society organisations, and leaders to encourage Government to pause, reflect and avoid a no-deal Brexit, regardless of how you /they voted back in 2016. The UK is facing a completely new reality now that Brexit has happened.  The questions we face are:

  • What sort of deal is best for the country?
  • How do we minimise the damage to jobs and living standards in the UK and focus all efforts on beating Covid-19?
  • Can we pause the clock counting down on a Brexit deal?
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Who has been speaking up for a Brexit Transition Extension? Who is asking for a good deal?

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The moment to extend has passed, but why must we pause and support a real deal?

It will take time to re-start the economy.  Time to get people back to work.  Time to adapt to long-term social distancing. We do not need a Brexit clock ticking loudly in the background crying “game over!” on 31 December. If there were no trade deal at the end of the year, we crash out of the European Union without one – or exit with a rushed ‘skinny deal’.

Business is not prepared for that.  Our ports are not prepared for that. Neither is agriculture.  Nor are banking, finance and insurance. Thousands of jobs are already on the line with many regions facing the double impact from our changing relationship with the EU and Covid_19.  Even more severely if it’s under no-deal (WTO) terms. See recent report by the Social Market Foundation.

Our message from One Crisis at a Time to the Prime Minister is: “Please please please concentrate on handling one crisis at a time.”  Parliament needs to reflect, protect and get the best deal in the time available.  We want Government to concentrate on beating coronavirus.  Only after it has done that, should Government carry out proper constructive negotiations with the EU.

Take action!

Can you or your group help?  Please contact us here.  We need volunteers to push forward the neutral group for One Crisis at a Time to: 

    • Persuade businesses, shop keepers, trades unions, religious leaders, farmers, sports and music personalities to speak out. 
    • Write to MPs. 
    • Write to the local paper.
    • Share sample letters with friends, colleagues and community groups.
    • Share information

#OneCrisisAtATime #Pause #No2NoDeal 


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